OpenZFS Commit Tracking

This page is updated regularly and shows a list of OpenZFS commits and their status in regard to the ZFS on Linux master branch. See wiki for more information about OpenZFS patches.
OpenZFS Issue OpenZFS Commit Linux Commit Description Status
11052 da7753c428 ZFS Reads may result in unneccesary calls to zil_commit Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
11276 a60ca23dc5 Allow unencrypted children of encrypted datasets Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
8727 eb633035c8 Native data and metadata encryption for zfs Portions contributed by: Jorgen Lundman Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek Portions contributed by: Paul Zuchowski Portions contributed by: Tim Chase Portions contributed by: Matthew Ahrens Portions contributed by: ab-oe Portions contributed by: Brian Behlendorf Portions contributed by: loli10K Portions contributed by: Igor K Portions contributed by: Richard Laager No existing pull request
9318 b73ccab03e 341166c843 vol_volsize_to_reservation does not account for raidz skip blocks Applied
11084 c1d5c2a489 clean up file-backed l2arc support No existing pull request
11117 dd6458550a libzfs_core: NULL pointer errors No existing pull request
11192 2da8e96eb9 zpool.1m: UNSUPP: unsupported escape sequence: ? No existing pull request
11191 cf26d3683a zfs.1m: UNSUPP: unsupported escape sequence: ? No existing pull request
11201 6c97119c7c zfs test zpool_create_020_pos leaves a directory behind No existing pull request
11076 63c8e5c0c7 ZFS test mmp_on_zdb should clear disk labels on exit No existing pull request
9751 dbcaafbddb c197a77c3c Allocation throttling misplacing ditto blocks Portions contributed by: Kody Kantor Applied
10991 4fbfc69b99 Allow user ACE in ACL to match SID in token extra SIDs No existing pull request
10952 e4c795beb3 defer new resilvers and misc. resilver-related fixes Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek Portions contributed by: Brian Behlendorf Portions contributed by: Arkadiusz Bubała No existing pull request
11056 fa88c70fa5 vdev_disk_io_start will panic the system if ldi_strategy returns an error. No existing pull request
11066 7811b028df zfs clean_mirror tests should scrub between tests No existing pull request
10502 f006f88661 zfs_mount_006_pos.ksh wanders outside the test area No existing pull request
11048 c3377ee9a5 need a way to disable SMT No existing pull request
11051 ee2f9ca4ea zfs miscounts BP_IS_EMBEDDED blocks during scan. No existing pull request
10608 c09fb52387 zfs tests could be more reliable No existing pull request
11041 9907d578e7 missing zfs tests in runfiles No existing pull request
10853 9740f25f03 spa_sync, vs_alloc can underflow and checkpoint test fixes Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
10924 455e370ca6 Need mitigation of L1TF (CVE-2018-3646) No existing pull request
10900 3db6627c67 Fix estimated scrub completion time No existing pull request
10566 12a8814c13 Multiple DVA Scrubbing Fix Portions contributed by: Toomas Soome Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
10405 a3874b8b1f Implement ZFS sorted scans No existing pull request
10844 6a316e1f6d Serialize ZTHR operations to eliminate races Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
10809 c4ab0d3f46 Performance optimization of AVL tree comparator functions Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
10847 95fa23b1c9 fix smatch issue in zpool cmd No existing pull request
10808 64dee23eee Print "(repairing)" in zpool status again Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
10842 ad027c0ff9 Mutex leak in dsl_dataset_hold_obj() Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
10841 0ce4bbcb47 predictive prefetch disabled on new pools until export/reboot Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
10731 dd328bf6d3 zfs: NULL pointer errors No existing pull request
10570 fd7977362a Need workaround to EFI boot on AMI BIOS No existing pull request
10592 555d674d5d misc. metaslab and vdev related ZoL bug fixes Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
10601 663207adb1 Pool allocation classes 10757 Add -gLp to zpool subcommands for alt vdev names Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek Portions contributed by: Håkan Johansson Portions contributed by: Richard Yao Portions contributed by: Chunwei Chen Portions contributed by: loli10K No existing pull request
10701 58447f688d Correct lock ASSERTs in vdev_label_read/write Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
10693 5edb9b5616 mmp test profiles incorrectly include mmp_write_distribution test No existing pull request
10499 e0f1c0afa4 Multi-modifier protection (MMP) Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek Portions contributed by: Tim Chase Portions contributed by: sanjeevbagewadi Portions contributed by: John L. Hammond Portions contributed by: Giuseppe Di Natale Portions contributed by: Prakash Surya No existing pull request
10573 fc8ae2ec42 define TASKQID_INVALID as (taskq_id)0 No existing pull request
10572 aa02ea0194 Fix race in dnode_check_slots_free() 10579 Don't allow dnode allocation if dn_holds != 0 No existing pull request
10554 9c2acf00e2 Implemented zpool sync command Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek No existing pull request
9433 7b38fab630 0873bb63 Fix ARC hit rate Applied
10500 0fa1b3cc78 03916905 Refactor dmu_recv into its own file Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek Applied
10504 051a710dcb zfs-test deadlist_lock leaves behind orphan destructive dtrace probe No existing pull request
10478 88834f1b9a setup and cleanup for pool checkpoint tests doesn't run No existing pull request
10479 dcdeca0a94 7290 broke slog_014_pos.ksh No existing pull request
10475 332b63531e fix zfs-test cli_root/zpool_get zpool_get_002_pos test case No existing pull request
10452 946342a260 ZoL: merge in large dnode feature fixes Portions contributed by: Ned Bass Portions contributed by: Tom Caputi No existing pull request
10473 736e670039 bca06413f7 zfs(1M) missing cross-reference to zfs-program(1M) Applied
10467 88853a59a6 cstyle should check for more (deprecated) BSD data types. No existing pull request
9691 52abb70e07 fat zap should prefetch when iterating No existing pull request
10343 e914ace2e9 ZoL: Prefix all refcount functions with zfs_ No existing pull request
9425 d0cb1fb926 186898bbb5 allow channel programs to be stopped via signals Applied
10392 0774d90998 large_dnode tests No existing pull request
9485 a21fe34979 Optimize possible split block search space No existing pull request
10406 811964cd9f large_dnode changes broke zfs recv of legacy stream No existing pull request
8423 54811da5ac Implement large_dnode pool feature 8199 multi-threaded dmu_object_alloc() 7432 Large dnode pool feature No existing pull request
10361 856f710c9d usr/lib - stop lint library generation and packaging No existing pull request
10330 a0b03b161c merge recent ZoL vdev and metaslab changes No existing pull request
9623 77bcc8e3af 22448f08 zfs.1m uses wrong snapshot names in Example 15 Applied
10051 299e09dec5 cw(1) shouldn't have to translate -g No existing pull request
10230 b0ef425652 zfs mishandles partial writes No existing pull request
10165 f91fcf59ac libzpool: passing argument 1 to restrict-qualified parameter aliases with argument 4 No existing pull request
10080 5661bb7641 smatch Makefile changes for usr/src/cmd No existing pull request
10079 05ede3db5e smatch Makefile changes for usr/src/lib No existing pull request
10067 e61d7e85eb - Miscellaneous man page typos
comment: The only ZFS change was to zfs remap, which was removed on Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
10205 247b7da039 Mounting zfs filesystems on startup shows incorrect data No existing pull request
10076 dc5e7685b1 make usr/src/test smatch clean No existing pull request
10154 c62757b2b8 - zfs: cast between incompatible function types
comment: Not applicable to Linux
Not applicable to Linux
9689 7931524763 5d43cc9a59 zfs range lock code should not be zpl-specific Applied
5882 04e5635652 83e9986 Temporary pool names Applied
9683 6fe4f3002c - Allow bypassing devid in vdev_disk_open()
comment: Not applicable to Linux due to devids not being used
Not applicable to Linux
9847 17fb938fd6 0aa5916a30 leaking dd_clones (DMU_OT_DSL_CLONES) objects Applied
9559 20633e304b 98d07d5798 zfs diff handles files on delete queue in fromsnap poorly Applied
9914 b8a5bee186 1814242379 NV_UNIQUE_NAME_TYPE broken after 9580 Applied
9630 049ba636fa dc1c630b8a add lzc_rename and lzc_destroy to libzfs_core Applied
9962 cab3a55e15 900d09b285 zil_commit should omit cache thrash Applied
9963 f8fdf68125 53b1f5eac6 Seperate tunable for disabling ZIL vdev flush Applied
9993 2258ad0b75 18b14b17c8 zil writes can get delayed in zio pipeline Applied
9851 94c3dad297 - add sys/containerof.h and implement __containerof
comment: Not applicable to Linux
Not applicable to Linux
9880 bc4c0ff134 e63ac16d25 Race in ZFS parallel mount Applied
9884 e1bf37b1ab - cw(1) should use -fpic rather than -Kpic
comment: Not applicable to Linux
Not applicable to Linux
9466 5267591016 272b5d73 add JSON output support to channel programs Applied
9738 b86e7e3f0e e38afd34c3 9112 broke third block copy allocations within one metaslab group Applied
9690 4e75ba6826 ee900344f2 metaslab of vdev with no space maps was flushed during removal Applied
9688 29bf2d68be ae3d849142 aggsum_fini leaks memory Applied
9681 6aee0ad769 d637db98e1 ztest failure in spa_history_log_internal due to spa_rename() Applied
9682 ade2c82828 9b2266e3d8 page fault in dsl_async_clone_destroy() while opening pool Applied
9862 84927f52bd 9f438c5f94 fix typo in comment in vdev_impl.h Applied
1700 047c81d31d - Add SCSI UNMAP support
comment: Not applicable to Linux, the discard implementation is entirely different.
Not applicable to Linux
9617 7928f4baf4 dfbe267503 too-frequent TXG sync causes excessive write inflation Applied
8601 e19b450bec d99a015 memory leak in get_special_prop()
comment: Equivalent fix included in initial commit
9680 1946268f4b - dsl_dataset_hold_obj can leak bookmarks
comment: Applied and rolled back in OpenZFS, additional changes needed.
Not applicable to Linux
9677 7341a7de4f c955398b52 panic from zio_write_gang_block() when creating dump device on fragmented rpool Applied
9616 f62db44dbc 84ddd4b062 Bogus error when attempting to set property on read-only pool Applied
9635 09b2abb464 - we should enable user after creation with zfs tests
comment: Not applicable to Linux
Not applicable to Linux
9700 82f63c3c2b f65fbee1e7 ZFS resilvered mirror does not balance reads Applied
9763 8a702e5580 cb110f254e zfs(1M): broken formatting in allow/unallow description Applied
9626 857c96d257 59e6e7ca move 'static xuio_stats_t xuio_stats' to file where it use Applied
9672 acd7f809f0 29445fe3 Reserve a ZFS replication stream feature flag for ZSTD compression Applied
9621 e8d4a73c86 305bc4b3 Make createtxg and guid properties public Applied
9580 2ec7644aab 1814242379 Add a hash-table on top of nvlist to speed-up operations Applied
9465 abe1fd01ce dae3e9ea21 ARC check for 'anon_size > arc_c/2' can stall the system Applied
9184 65d28c0b25 4e82b4be78 Add ZFS performance test for fixed blocksize random read/write IO Applied
9577 c2919acbea 1fac63e56f remove zfs_dbuf_evict_key tsd Applied
9591 11f6a9680e 7637ef8d23 ms_shift can be incorrectly changed in MOS config for indirect vdevs that have been historically expanded Applied
9338 c7fbe46df9 802b1a7b3b moved dnode has incorrect dn_next_type Applied
9439 99a19144e8 1897bc0d48 ZFS double-free due to failure to dirty indirect block Applied
9438 738e2a3ce3 21d48b5eac Holes can lose birth time info if a block has a mix of birth times Applied
8906 0dd498c002 5fadb7fb0c uts: illumos rootfs should support salted cksum Applied
9456 b6031810da ab11916583 ztest failure in zil_commit_waiter_timeout Applied
9082 c373aa8be7 93491c4bb9 Add ZFS performance test targeting ZIL latency Applied
9454 dec267e7ea 00c405b4b5 ::zfs_blkstats should count embedded blocks Applied
9424 fe3ba4d122 2dca37d8dc ztest failure: "unprotected error in call to Lua API (Invalid value type 'function' for key 'error')" Applied
9486 cfd63e1b1b 0dc2f70c5c reduce memory used by device removal on fragmented pools Applied
9479 c7a7b2fa08 e902ddb0f8 fix wrong format specifier for vdev_id Applied
9457 ddfe901b12 473c976a0c libzfs_import.c:add_config() has a memory leak Applied
9330 5ac95da7d6 a7ed98d8b5 stack overflow when creating a deeply nested dataset Applied
9539 8dfe5547fb 5228cf01 Make zvol operations use _by_dnode routines Applied
9523 03a4c2f4bf 561ba8d1b1 Large alloc in zdb can cause trouble Applied
9521 f41179bd37 fb8a10d5be Add checkpoint field in the default list of the zpool-list man page Applied
9487 7864b8192b 48fbb9dd Free objects when receiving full stream as clone Applied
9464 fa41d87de9 e48afbc4eb txg_kick() fails to see that we are quiescing, forcing transactions to their next stages without leaving them accumulate changes Applied
9442 221813c13b 3a549dc7a1 decrease indirect block size of spacemaps Applied
9245 20596fe40e ab44e511e2 zfs-test failures: slog_013_pos and slog_014_pos Applied
9512 0b2e825398 b4555c77 zfs remap poolname@snapname coredumps Applied
8115 591e0e133f a10d50f999 parallel zfs mount Applied
9426 b4bf0cf045 e4e94ca315 metaslab size can exceed offset addressable by spacemap Applied
8454 84f2736904 - libzpool build fails if no LINTLIB after 7431
comment: An alternate fix was applied for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
9328 bf26014c55 d2a12f9e2a zap code can take advantage of c99 9329 panic in zap_leaf_lookup() due to concurrent zapification Applied
9403 fa98e487a9 c3bd3fb4ac assertion failed in arc_buf_destroy() when concurrently reading block with checksum error Applied
9443 bb1f424574 5e097c67f1 panic when scrub a v10 pool Applied
9237 ae5ee1bd5e - "zpool add" fails for very large pools
comment: Introduced by 8567 which was never applied to Linux
Not applicable to Linux
9421 20b5dafb42 64c1dcef zdb should detect and print out the number of "leaked" objects 9422 zfs diff and zdb should explicitly mark objects that are on the deleted queue Applied
9194 93a1902e51 - mechanism to override ashift at pool creation time
comment: Not applicable the '-o ashift=value' option is provided on Linux
Not applicable to Linux
9102 2b7e4143e3 619f097693 zfs should be able to initialize storage devices (fix mapfile) Applied
9434 47b8d4b884 20507534d4 Speculative prefetch is blocked by device removal code Applied
9102 094e47e980 619f097693 zfs should be able to initialize storage devices Applied
9256 df477c0afa ca0845d59e zfs send space estimation off by > 10% on some datasets Applied
9337 adb52d9262 3d503a76e8 zfs get all is slow due to uncached metadata Applied
9236 21f7c81cc1 964c2d69a9 nuke spa_dbgmsg Applied
9192 a3b5583021 7f96cc23ac explicitly pass good_writes to vdev_uberblock/label_sync Applied
9290 3a4b1be953 9e052db462 device removal reduces redundancy of mirrors Applied
9112 f78cdc34af e38afd34c3 Improve allocation performance on high-end systems Applied
9238 17f11284b4 4d044c4c1d ZFS Spacemap Encoding V2 Applied
9286 1c10ae76c0 d22f3a8244 want refreservation=auto Applied
9189 b6bf6e1540 38a19edd34 Add debug to vdev_label_read_config when txg check fails Applied
9284 de753e34f9 3ec34e5527 arc_reclaim_thread has 2 jobs Applied
9280 243952c7ee d830d4795a Assertion failure while running removal_with_ganging test with 4K devices Applied
9188 268bbb2a2f de4f8d5d26 increase size of dbuf cache to reduce indirect block decompression Applied
9321 9be12bd737 5152a74088 arc_loan_compressed_buf() can increment arc_loaned_bytes by the wrong value Applied
9193 015f38bba1 387b6856d6 bootcfg -C doesn't work Applied
9235 5dafeea3eb 8a393be353 rename zpool_rewind_policy_t to zpool_load_policy_t Applied
9191 ccef24b493 db7d07e14b dump vdev tree to zfs_dbgmsg when spa load fails due to missing log devices Applied
9190 c4de6c3ca4 189bd0b670 Fix cleanup routine in import_cachefile_device_replaced.ksh Applied
9187 d1de72cfa2 a11c7aaec9 racing condition between vdev label and spa_last_synced_txg in vdev_validate Applied
9076 859bfead58 8a2a9db8df ZFS Performance test concurrency should be lowered for better latency Applied
9166 8671400134 d2734cce68 zfs storage pool checkpoint Applied
9164 5f5913bb83 5e00213e43 assert: newds == os->os_dsl_dataset Applied
9213 edc8ef7d92 5e567da987 zfs: sytem typo Applied
8984 e9bacc6d1a ! fix for 6764 breaks ACL inheritance
comment: WIP to support NFSv4 ACLs
9084 b037f3dbd6 eecdd8e884 spa_*_ashift must ignore spare devices Applied
8484 3a2d8a1b18 37fb3e4318 Implement aggregate sum and use for arc counters Applied
8857 d6e1c446d7 ddc751d56b zio_remove_child() panic due to already destroyed parent zio Applied
9077 213fcdcbdc - zloop misses core files because they're no longer written into cwd
comment: Not applicable to Linux
Not applicable to Linux
8940 544132fce3 4411de2116 Sending an intra-pool resumable send stream may result in EXDEV Applied
9080 bdfded42e6 4bf8108ede recursive enter of vdev_indirect_rwlock from vdev_indirect_remap() Applied
9079 667ec66f1b 9d5b524597 race condition in starting and ending condesing thread for indirect vdevs Applied
9075 6f7938128a 6cb8e5306d Improve ZFS pool import/load process and corrupted pool recovery Applied
9064 d8cfd210fd a1d477c24c ZFS test remove_mirror should wait for device removal to complete Applied
9004 a01b7f54af ba779f7f71 Some ZFS tests used files removed with 32 bit kernel Applied
8965 2816c4ace7 35e0202fd7 zfs_acl_ls_001_pos fails due to no longer supported grep regex Applied
8942 add927f8c8 650258d7 zfs promote .../%recv should be an error Applied
8941 ac0215f4d6 390d679a zpool add: assertion failed in get_replication() with nested interior VDEVs Applied
8520 95643f75d2 1334283225 lzc_rollback_to should support rolling back to origin 7198 libzfs should gracefully handle EINVAL from lzc_rollback Applied
8477 f4c1745bd6 92e43c1 Assertion failed in vdev_state_dirty(): spa_writeable(spa) Applied
8408 85723e5eec 5f1346c dsl_props_set_sync_impl() does not handle nested nvlists correctly Applied
9036 f02c28e434 cbb8933215 zfs: duplicate 'const' declaration specifier Applied
9035 46ac8fdfc5 09302a4ca8 zfs: this statement may fall through Applied
8962 e144c4e6c9 afd2f7b711 zdb should work on non-idle pools Applied
8961 3ee8c80c74 4a0ee12af8 SPA load/import should tell us why it failed Applied
7638 1fd3785ff6 9eb7b46ed0 Refactor spa_load_impl into several functions Applied
8966 82693e09cc 8824a7f133 Source file zfs_acl.c, function zfs_aclset_common contains a use after end of the lifetime of a local variable Applied
9027 bd0ce624be 4a5d7f82 Makefiles need to specify C99 mode consistently Applied
9018 36a64e6284 3ec34e55 Replace kmem_cache_reap_now() with kmem_cache_reap_soon() Applied
8809 f06dce2c1f ! libzpool should leverage work done in libfakekernel
comment: Adding libfakekernel needs to be done by refactoring existing code.
8969 0fb055e81f - Cannot boot from RAIDZ with parity > 1
comment: Not applicable to Linux
Not applicable to Linux
8997 f864f99efe 0735ecb334 ztest assertion failure in zil_lwb_write_issue Applied
8731 a6c1eb3c08 1b18c6d791 ASSERT3U(nui64s, <=, UINT16_MAX) fails for large blocks Applied
8652 d2aa06e8e9 31864e3d8c Tautological comparisons with ZPROP_INVAL (followup) Applied
8972 e9b7d6e7f7 6bc4a2376c zfs holds: In scripted mode, do not pad columns with spaces Applied
8835 5cb8d943bc 916384729e Speculative prefetch in ZFS not working for misaligned reads Applied
8652 4ae5f5f06c 31864e3d8c Tautological comparisons with ZPROP_INVAL Applied
8641 2ba5f978a4 1574c73bd0 "zpool clear" and "zinject" don't work on "spare" or "replacing" vdevs Applied
8959 301fd1d6f2 43cb30b3ce Add notifications when a scrub is paused or resumed Applied
8856 01a059ee0c - arc_cksum_is_equal() doesn't take into account ABD-logic
comment: Not applicable to Linux due to Encryption (b525630)
Not applicable to Linux
7614 5cabbc6b49 a1d477c24c zfs device evacuation/removal Applied
8858 d2d52addd5 - /usr/bin/grep doesn't support -E option 4580 /usr/bin/grep can't handle multibyte characters 8929 8868 tests are not delivered with system/test/utiltest 8860 Example in grep(1) is incorrect
comment: Not applicable to Linux
Not applicable to Linux
8899 b0e142e57d 6df9f8ebd7 zpool list property documentation doesn't match actual behaviour Applied
8898 9fa2266d9a bcb1a8a25e creating fs with checksum=skein on the boot pools fails ungracefully Applied
8897 9a551dd645 8198c57b21 zpool online -e fails assertion when run on non-leaf vdevs Applied
8930 93c618e0f4 6a2185660d zfs_zinactive: do not remove the node if the filesystem is readonly Applied
8909 94ddd0900a 2fe61a7ecc 8585 can cause a use-after-free kernel panic Applied
8603 cf07d3da99 1b2b0acab5 rename zilog's "zl_writer_lock" to "zl_issuer_lock" Applied
8677 a3b2868063 5b72a38d68 Open-Context Channel Programs Applied
8794 578f67364c 2e7c1bb35a cstyle generates warnings with recent perl Applied
7531 2729521654 7c351e31d5 Assign correct flags to prefetched buffers Applied
8607 b852c2f543 d8fdfc2d65 zfs: variable set but not used Applied
8713 f37ae9a714 871e0732 Buffer overflow in dsl_dataset_name() Applied
8081 3f7978d02b 867959b588 Compiler warnings in zdb Applied
8648 42b1411172 f763c3d1 Fix range locking in ZIL commit codepath Applied
8661 bd9d3f9046 1ce23dca remove "zil-cw2" dtrace probe Applied
8600 2840dce1a0 234c91c508 ZFS channel programs - snapshot Applied
8592 000cce6b6f af07368986 ZFS channel programs - rollback Applied
8502 1c18e8fbd8 ! illumos#7955 broke delegated datasets when libshare is not present
comment: Apply when porting OpenZFS 7955
8604 ed992b0aac 8d103d8856 Avoid unnecessary work search in VFS when unmounting snapshots Applied
8605 5f39f884e2 475eca4908 zfs channel programs: zfs.exists undocumented and non-working Applied
8602 2bcb545854 a032ac4 remove unused "dp_early_sync_tasks" field from "dsl_pool" structure Applied
8567 c861bfbd77 - Inconsistent return value in zpool_read_label
comment: An alternate fix was applied for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
8473 554675eee7 f384c045d8 scrub does not detect errors on active spares Applied
640 0a0551200e f3c8c9e6f0 number_to_scaled_string is duplicated in several commands Applied
8585 1271e4b10d 2fe61a7ecc improve batching done in zil_commit() Applied
8590 e6ab4525d1 935e2c2 memory leak in dsl_destroy_snapshots_nvl() Applied
8569 37e84ab74e - problem with inline functions in abd.h
comment: This change isn't relevant for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
8558 216d7723a1 a032ac4b38 lwp_create() returns EAGAIN on system with more than 80K ZFS filesystems Applied
8435 a058d1cc57 7c9abcf887 zpool.1m and zfs.1m: minor cleanup 3796 listsnapshots not documented in zpool man page Applied
8414 1702cce751 e4b6b2db12 Implemented zpool scrub pause/resume Applied
8547 c66b804654 d7323e79a6 update mandoc to 1.14.3 Applied
8552 916c8d8811 935e2c2 ZFS LUA code uses floating point math Applied
8521 7d3000f774 ee6370a7 nvlist memory leak in get_clones_stat() and spa_load_best() Applied
8508 b11fe8c014 bff245dd34 Mounting a zpool on 32-bit platforms panics Applied
8373 d28671a3b0 ab11916583 TXG_WAIT in ZIL commit path Applied
8491 79c2b812ee 829f9251cf uberblock on-disk padding to reserve space for smoothly merging zpool checkpoint & MMP in ZFS Applied
7915 267ae6c3a8 f06f53fa3f checks in l2arc_evict could use some cleaning up Applied
8126 dcb6872c56 2ade4a99f0 ztest assertion failed in dbuf_dirty due to dn_nlevels changing Applied
8067 4923c69fdd a896468c78 zdb should be able to dump literal embedded block pointer Applied
8426 9b195260e2 2a53d6a12a mark immutable buffer arguments as such in abd.h Applied
8430 ba6e7e6505 aa6e82a6a5 dir_is_empty_readdir() doesn't properly handle error from fdopendir() Applied
7600 77b171372e 8ca78ab002 zfs rollback should pass target snapshot to kernel Applied
8377 42418f9e73 c6f6767eea Panic in bookmark deletion Applied
8378 b7edcb9408 02dc43bc46 crash due to bp in-memory modification of nopwrite block Applied
7910 16a7e5ac11 018503911c l2arc_write_buffers() may write beyond target_sz Applied
8416 5e2a074725 1579dcbc91 abd.h is not C++ friendly Applied
8418 e09ba01dcd 23873bbb5f zfs_prop_get_table() call in zfs_validate_name() is a no-op Applied
7431 dfc115332c d99a015343 ZFS Channel Programs Applied
8376 e2fc3408ef - cached v_path should be kept fresh
comment: This change isn't relevant for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
8379 f15a6fde3c - illumos-gate 'install' make target is too eager building things 8360 ipdadm missing 'all' target 8359 libzpool Makefiles are slightly broken
comment: This change isn't relevant for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
8331 4f4378cc54 7e35ea783e zfs_unshare returns wrong error code for smb unshare failure Applied
8311 2889ec41c0 ! ZFS_READONLY is a little too strict
comment: Need to assess applicability to Linux.
8375 843c2111b1 006309e8d7 Kernel memory leak in nvpair code Applied
5220 403a8da73c 82710e993a L2ARC does not support devices that do not provide 512B access Applied
5428 4585130b25 e19572e4cc provide fts(), reallocarray(), and strtonum() Applied
8264 a4b8c9aa65 d12f91fde3 want support for promoting datasets in libzfs_core Applied
8108 22c8b9583d - zdb -l fails to read labels 2 and 3
comment: An equivalent Linux specific fix was made.
Not applicable to Linux
8056 0255edcc85 dd429b46b7 zfs send size estimate is inaccurate for some zvols Applied
8156 dbfd9f9300 38240ebd7a dbuf_evict_notify() does not need dbuf_evict_lock Applied
8168 690031d326 78d95ea NULL pointer dereference in zfs_create() Applied
8300 72d3dbb9ab 44f09cd fix man page issues found by mandoc 1.14.1 Applied
8304 0dbcca9b39 - zfs-tests/bin/zfstest should allow DISKS=(zvols)
comment: This change isn't relevant for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
8005 5b06278253 8542ef852a poor performance of 1MB writes on certain RAID-Z configurations Applied
8155 adaec86ad2 82644107c4 simplify dmu_write_policy handling of pre-compressed buffers Applied
6939 ce1577b049 12fa0466df add sysevents to zfs core for commands Applied
8265 bc83969fdb - Reserve send stream flag for large dnode feature
comment: The large_dnode feature has been implemented for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
8067 d77f81966c a896468c78 zdb should be able to dump literal embedded block pointer Applied
7578 c5ee46810f 1b7c1e5ce9 Fix/improve some aspects of ZIL writing. Applied
8166 2d2f193a21 335b251ac1 zpool scrub thinks it repaired offline device Applied
8021 770499e185 7657def ARC buf data scatter-ization 8100 8021 seems to cause random BAD TRAP: type=d (#gp General protection) Applied
7446 7855d95b30 ! zpool create should support efi system partition
comment: Need to assess applicability to Linux.
8071 e84991e7a6 ea8c83fdda zfs-tests: 7290 missed some cases Applied
8070 40713f2b24 0071036526 Add some ZFS comments Applied
8076 ab3407e428 ff77013053 zfs-tests suite fails rootpool_002_neg Applied
8077 481467d836 bda77af11c zfs-tests suite fails zpool_get_002_pos Applied
8072 f0e8a3d8e6 7bc181e6db zfs-tests: several test cases incorrectly spell TESTPOOL Applied
8064 ade42b557a - need a static DTrace probe in VN_HOLD
comment: This change isn't relevant for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
8063 b7b2590dd9 4747a7d3d4 verify that we do not attempt to access inactive txg Applied
8138 bccbd30bb6 44f09cd Improve manpage spelling
comment: The spelling fix to the zfs man page came in with the mdoc conversion.
7786 5f368aef86 153b228554 zfs`vdev_online() needs better notification about state changes Applied
8021 6609468689 7657def ARC buf data scatter-ization Applied
8025 def4fac588 a004338372 dbuf_read() creates unnecessary zio_root() for bonus buf Applied
7955 8a981c3356 ! libshare needs to initialize only those datasets being modified by the consumer
comment: Need to assess applicability to Linux. If porting, apply 8502.
6101 b127fe3c05 87a275d97a attempt to lzc_create() a filesystem under a volume results in a panic Applied
8061 7f0bdb4257 f6d4ce8e34 sa_find_idx_tab can be declared more type-safely Applied
6392 dfd5965f7e 066753103f zdb: introduce -V for verbatim import Applied
7900 e548d2fa41 a5c3a1efaf zdb shouldn't print the path of a znode at verbosity < 5 Applied
8026 6b03625981 31b6bc74b9 retire zfs_throttle_delay and zfs_throttle_resolution Applied
5380 471a88e499 4c3c6b6c73 receive of a send -p stream doesn't need to try renaming snapshots Applied
8046 5697e03e6e f9ea47db3d Let calloc() do the multiplication in libzfs_fru_refresh Applied
8027 313ae1e182 c0c8cc7b43 tighten up dsl_pool_dirty_delta Applied
8023 3991b535a8 3b7f360c96 Panic destroying a metaslab deferred range tree Applied
3871 de05b58863 d1d7e268 fix issues introduced by 3604 Applied
7885 c040c10cdd 2e215fecbe zpool list can report 16.0e for expandsz Applied
8022 b72d178a04 e55ebf6 zfs_get_005_neg.ksh: Typo in the test_options_bookmarks function name Applied
8013 92c82aaee9 - some leftovers after dmake clobber
comment: The change is illumos specific and not applicable for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
7982 ce326879a4 - zfstest -a destroys rpool on IDE disks and should strip partition numbers
comment: The change is illumos specific and not applicable for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
7956 eba8726136 cda0317 "minimum" is misspelled in zpool manpage Applied
7990 d8584ba6fb 2035575fd6 libzfs: snapspec_cb() does not need to call zfs_strdup() Applied
7968 94c2d0eb22 64fc776208 multi-threaded spa_sync() Applied
7970 10fbdecb05 c30e58c zfs_arc_num_sublists_per_state should be common to all multilists Applied
7801 411be58a6e 0eef1bd add more by-dnode routines (lint)
comment: Commit f25efb3 in openzfs/master has a small change for linting which is being ported.
7801 b0c42cd470 0eef1bd add more by-dnode routines
comment: Commit f25efb3 in openzfs/master has a small change for linting which is being ported.
7869 a3905a4592 df7eecc panic in bpobj_space(): null pointer dereference Applied
7867 6de76ce2a9 423e7b6261 ARC space accounting leak Applied
7843 c5bde7273e e2fcb56275 get_clones_stat() is suboptimal for lots of clones Applied
7793 61e255ce72 3ec3bc2167 ztest fails assertion in dmu_tx_willuse_space Applied
7816 2e972bf18f - remove static unused variable in zfs_vfsops.c
comment: The change is illumos specific and not applicable for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
6410 ed61ec1da9 a44e7faa6c teach zdb to perform object lookups by path Applied
7812 48bbca8168 9e2c3bb4b9 Remove gender specific language Applied
5379 80e10fd0d2 - modifying a mmap()-ed file does not update its timestamps
comment: This particular issue never impacted Linux due to the need for a modified zfs_putpage() implementation.
Not applicable to Linux
7803 46d46cd4fa - want devid_str_from_path(3devid)
comment: This functionality is provided by `update_vdev_config_dev_strs()` on Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
7541 8b65a70b76 28b40c8a6e zpool import/tryimport ioctl returns ENOMEM because provided buffer is too small for config Applied
1300 1c17160ac5 9b7b9cd370 filename normalization doesn't work for removes Applied
7740 7de35a3ed0 32d41fb fix for 6513 only works in hole punching case, not truncation Applied
7742 5c653870ec a873815b95 zfs send wrong error message with invalid long opts Applied
7710 1a12e87ed1 - degradation after 7512 with GNU find and GNU echo
comment: None of the illumos build system is used under Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
7729 ac428481f9 bb7ffdaf5a libzfs_core`lzc_rollback() leaks result nvl Applied
7779 b7f9f60c8e - clean up unused definitions in zfs ctldir code
comment: The change isn't relevant, `zfs_ctldir.c` was rewritten for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
7762 ebaf15cbf7 ce456d483c avoid division by zero in property_alias_001_pos Applied
7745 7c13517fff e24548975c print error if lzc_* is called before libzfs_core_init Applied
7736 7a61309eb2 3ae35478d7 ZFS Performance tests should log FIO summary output Applied
6865 c95076cee9 dbb38f6605 want zfs-tests cases for zpool labelclear command Applied
6866 64723e3611 35a357a9ef zdb -l should return non-zero if it fails to find any label Applied
7730 105686550e e24e62a libzfs`add_config() leaks config nvl when reading spare/l2cache devices Applied
7629 f5fb56de30 10f251191f Fix for 7290 neglected to remove some escape sequences Applied
7761 ad309d3e2e cbeeb4afb3 bootfs_005_neg's pool destruction must handle EBUSY Applied
7743 555da5111b 38640550f2 per-vdev-zaps have no initialize path on upgrade Applied
7739 0e93ddde30 582cc014 zfs_inherit_003_pos fails due to improperly generated random strings Applied
7276 079d299664 fdbaf44ffb zfs(1m) manpage could better describe space properties (remove extra line) Applied
6569 ff5177ee8b 539d33c791 large file delete can starve out write ops Applied
7512 ad42deeadc - Simplify the Makefiles in zfstest
comment: None of the illumos build system is used under Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
7256 0c94e1af67 61ca48ff38 low probability race in zfs_get_data Applied
7659 f2c1e9bc48 34a6b42844 Missing thread_exit() in dmu_send.c Applied
7613 5f14577801 258553d3d7 ms_freetree[4] is only used in syncing context Applied
7404 55a424cb69 8aab121821 rootpool_007_neg, bootfs_006_pos and bootfs_008_neg tests fail with the loader project bits Applied
7586 4ba5b96163 c443487 remove #ifdef __lint hack from dmu.h Applied
7602 5c262fd009 44f09cd minor issues with zfs manpage Applied
7580 1a01181fdc 721ed0ee86 ztest failure in dbuf_read_impl Applied
7606 7588687e6b 1149ba6478 dmu_objset_find_dp() takes a long time while importing pool Applied
7252 5602294fda a7004725d0 compressed zfs send / receive 7628 create long versions of ZFS send / receive options Applied
7604 4d86c0eab2 3d43125fd4 if volblocksize property is the default, it displays as "-" rather than 8K Applied
7603 99aa8b5505 5043684ae5 xuio_stat_wbuf_* should be declared (void) Applied
7303 8363e80ae7 4e21fd060a dynamic metaslab selection Applied
7181 90f2c094b3 9775e98844 race between zfs_mount and zfs_ioc_rollback Applied
6428 c079fa4d20 b87baa7ed2 set canmount=off on unmounted filesystem tries to unmount children Applied
7199 bfaed0b91e 0efd97912a dsl_dataset_rollback_sync may try to free already free blocks 7200 no blocks must be born in a txg after a snaphot is created Applied
7386 edb901aab9 aeacdefedc zfs get does not work properly with bookmarks Applied
7180 690041b9ca ec923db25c potential race between zfs_suspend_fs+zfs_resume_fs and zfs_ioc_rename Applied
7570 1c9272b861 - tunable to allow zvol SCSI unmap to return on commit of txn to ZIL
comment: Due to differences in the block layer all discards are handled asynchronously under Linux. This functionality could be ported but it's unclear to what purpose.
Not applicable to Linux
7591 2c601221f5 541a090 New "zloop" command for running ztest indefinitely Applied
7571 ad2760acbd 7e8dbd93e2 non-present readonly numeric ZFS props do not have default value Applied
7545 4dd77f9e38 d69a321e56 zdb should disable reference tracking Applied
7542 09c9e6dc9b - zfs_unmount failed with EZFS_UNSHARENFSFAILED
comment: The Linux libshare code differs significantly from the upstream OpenZFS code. Since this change doesn't address a Linux specific issue it doesn't need to be ported. The eventual plan is to retire all of the existing libshare code and use the ZED to more flexibly control filesystem sharing.
Not applicable to Linux
7535 ac89d1e83d dd49132a1d need test for resumed send of top most filesystem Applied
6412 9185393f29 89d43feb0b zfs receive: -u can be ignored sometimes Applied
7290 1d32ba663e ea8c83fdda ZFS test suite needs to control what utilities it can run Applied
6676 40510e8eba 39efbde7c5 Race between unique_insert() and unique_remove() causes ZFS fsid change Applied
7504 405a5a0f5c 0a252daed3 kmem_reap hangs spa_sync and administrative tasks Applied
7503 55a13001fb 00481e7dad zfs-test should tail ::zfs_dbgmsg on test failure Applied
7502 c3c65d17f7 456079d48d ztest should run zdb with -G (debug mode) Applied
7500 653af1b809 9c9531cb6f Simplify dbuf_free_range by removing dn_unlisted_l0_blkid Applied
7496 5dc1fd74a4 510e66db85 cmp_ds_cont has never worked Applied
3821 43297f973a 55922e73b4 Race in rollback, zil close, and zil flush Applied
7497 479ad5c2b4 - prefetch_io.d performance monitoring script has an error
comment: DTrace is isn't readily available under Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
7490 6cedfc397d 41425f79da real checksum errors are silenced when zinject is on Applied
7448 295438ba32 298ec40b6d ZFS doesn't notice when disk vdevs have no write cache Applied
7430 af346df588 68cbd56 Backfill metadnode more intelligently Applied
7280 0e60744c98 ed828c0c37 Allow changing global libzpool variables in zdb and ztest through command line Applied
7103 3bfdbb4947 94cc33f017 failed test cli_root/zfs_snapshot/zfs_snapshot_009_pos Applied
3746 260af64db7 cffd6e1167 ZRLs are racy Authored by: Will Andrews Applied
7301 eb72182767 a08abc1bb3 zpool export -f should be able to interrupt file freeing Applied
6988 8b70546b0a 9b7a83cbb6 spa_sync() spends half its time in dmu_objset_do_userquota_updates Applied
7402 f76886de6c 690fe64 Create tunable to ignore hole_birth feature Applied
7340 ed4e7a6a5c 160af77108 receive manual origin should override automatic origin Applied
7337 b021ac0b78 409b4127ee inherit_001_pos occasionally times out Applied
7254 c166b69d29 cc9bb3e58e ztest failed assertion in ztest_dataset_dirobj_verify: dirobjs + 1 == usedobjs Applied
7253 754998c8d4 dc1fbc43be ztest failure: dsl_destroy_head(name) == 0 (0x10 == 0x0), file ../ztest.c, line 3235 Applied
7398 4220fdc152 37bb2fc7dc zfs test zfs_get_005_neg does not work as expected Applied
5142 d5f26ad812 0a3d2673de libzfs support raidz root pool (loader project) Applied
5120 c8811bd3e2 e550644f0c zfs should allow large block/gzip/raidz boot pool (loader project) Applied
7259 a8b0961c45 24d42e2221 DS_FIELD_LARGE_BLOCKS is unused Applied
7238 05e61955a0 - zvol_swap/setup fails due to memory usage
comment: zvol_swap test already disabled in ZoL
Not applicable to Linux
7336 873c4903a5 774ee3c7ce vfork and O_CLOEXEC causes zfs_mount EBUSY Applied
7278 e596171059 - tuning zfs_arc_max does not impact arc_c_min
comment: Dynamic ARC tuning is handled slightly differently under Linux and this case is covered by arc_tuning_update()
Not applicable to Linux
7262 b868f5d28c b8eb3c4e3c remove seq from zfs_receive_010.ksh Applied
7304 007a6c1f69 911c41af2d zfs filesystem/snapshot counts should be read-only Applied
7345 cb3c687bb9 058ac9b zfs(1m): Description for -d depth appeared in -r Applied
7276 5749c35234 fdbaf44ffb zfs(1m) manpage could better describe space properties Applied
7004 79d728325e 2bce8049c3 dmu_tx_hold_zap() does dnode_hold() 7x on same object Applied
7248 f9a78bf457 9060917189 large block support breaks rsend_009_pos 7249 rsend_015_pos produces false failures due to race 7250 testrunner can miss options specific to individual tests in runfiles Applied
7247 2ad25b4055 2e0e443ac4 zfs receive of deduplicated stream fails Applied
7348 c667d21688 d96e543954 cstyle can't handle ellipsis on continuation line Applied
7003 ae9727953c 8bea981504 zap_lockdir() should tag hold Applied
7233 d420209d9c 3cbe6b29f5 dir_is_empty should open directory with CLOEXEC Applied
7260 447b1e1fca 2171eb7112 disable libdiskmgmt in zfstest unless it's required Applied
7277 29bdd2f916 fa603f8233 zdb should be able to print zfs_dbgmsg's Applied
7257 3bc7169503 a0aacd3741 zfs manpage user property length needs to be updated Applied
7261 48dd5e630c 24ded86e8d nvlist code should enforce name length limit Applied
7263 9ca527c3d3 169ab07cc8 deeply nested nvlist can overflow stack Applied
7136 b72b6bb10a 6325e48f95 ESC_VDEV_REMOVE_AUX ought to always include vdev information 7115 6922 generates ESC_ZFS_VDEV_REMOVE_AUX a bit too often Applied
7230 12b90ee2d3 51907a31bc add assertions to dmu_send_impl() to verify that stream includes BEGIN and END records Applied
7235 bd56f80007 7330fc57b7 remove unused func dsl_dataset_set_blkptr Applied
7090 0f7643c737 3dfb57a35e zfs should improve allocation order and throttle allocations Applied
7194 92b33eab94 d7958b4 Reservation tests do not properly calculate reservation size 7195 Increase the default timeout for individual tests in zfstest Applied
7086 926549256b 98ace739bd ztest attempts dva_get_dsize_sync on an embedded blockpointer Applied
7164 b702644a6e b1b85c87 zdb should be able to open the root dataset Applied
7072 c39a2aae1e 0f676dc228 zfs fails to expand if lun added when os is in shutdown state Applied
7163 f34284d835 2014c09f64 ztest failures due to excess error injection Applied
7162 9ec0cbeb1b a115cf35f8 Intermittent failures from ro_props_001_pos Applied
7147 aab8072633 546d32ca10 ztest: ztest_ddt_repair fails with ztest_pattern_match assertion Applied
7104 4b5c8e93ca d7958b4cda increase indirect block size Applied
7071 25f7d993ad e88551d52f lzc_snapshot does not fill in errlist on ENOENT Applied
6950 dcbf3bd6a1 d3c2ae1c08 ARC should cache compressed data Applied
7041 df23d905b9 33c0819 Fix spelling mistakes in sections 1 and 1M Applied
7036 3f85b2aed8 0dc8347c30 zvol_swap_004_pos test failed Applied
7082 10e67aa0db cf7d1484bf bptree_iterate() passes wrong args to zfs_dbgmsg() Applied
6314 9adfa60d48 eca7b76001 buffer overflow in dsl_dataset_name Applied
7054 0c779ad424 f85c06bedf dmu_tx_hold_t should use refcount_t to track space Applied
6940 99189164df db707ad094 Cannot unlink directories when over quota Applied
6999 002ec3e4c3 d4e0040781 fix 'Use of uninitialized value $picky in numeric eq (==)' in cstyle Applied
7016 0dd053d7d8 d3c2ae1 arc_available_memory is not 32-bit safe Applied
7028 86f617e90f 74ea6092d0 avl_destroy_nodes supports emptying, not just destroying, an avl tree Applied
7027 48cb8b9720 6dd95a910a zfs_written_property_001_pos makes unreasonable assumptions about metadata space usage Applied
7001 258c9c7d86 43bd43f9ce zvol_misc tests should not depend on /sbin or /usr/sbin being in PATH Applied
6931 88f61dee20 23d70cdef1 lib/libzfs: cleanup gcc warnings Applied
7019 45b1747515 005e27e3b3 zfsdev_ioctl skips secpolicy when FKIOCTL is set 7020 sdev_cleandir can loop forever Applied
6922 63364b0ee2 e2da829cc1 Emit ESC_ZFS_VDEV_REMOVE_AUX after removing an aux device Applied
6980 ea4a67f462 47dfff3b86 6902 causes zfs send to break due to 32-bit/64-bit struct mismatch Applied
6404 24e268f307 3d3fe9f9bb zvol_swap_006_pos can occasionally fail due to swaplen being < 16 6405 zvol test setup is non deterministic Applied
6878 1825bc56e5 784d15c14c Add scrub completion info to "zpool history" Applied
6513 8df0bcf0df bc77ba73fe partially filled holes lose birth time Applied
6902 0d8fa8f8eb 47dfff3b86 speed up listing of snapshots if requesting name only and sorting by name Applied
6876 c971037baa d1d19c7854 Stack corruption after importing a pool with a too-long name Applied
6844 11ceac77ea 463a8cfe2b dnode_next_offset can detect fictional holes Applied
6111 4a20c933b1 6635624020 zfs send should ignore datasets created after the ending snapshot Applied
6874 1fdcbd00c9 8614ddf9b4 rollback and receive need to reset ZPL state to what's on disk Applied
6914 af868f46a5 - kernel virtual memory fragmentation leads to hang
comment: Under Linux the arc_meta_limit can be tuned with the zfs_arc_meta_limit_percent module option.
Not applicable to Linux
6873 4cde22c299 b3744ae611 zfs_destroy_snaps_nvl leaks errlist Applied
6052 26455f9efc e67a7ffb5d decouple lzc_create() from the implementation details Applied
6879 20fea7a474 9f8026c802 incorrect endianness swap for drr_spill.drr_length in libzfs_sendrecv.c Applied
6880 c5d1600c3e a39ce90660 zdb incorrectly reports feature count mismatch when feature is disabled Applied
6877 88a9160407 3691598e26 zfs_rename_006_pos fails due to missing zvol snapshot device file Applied
6871 8fc922875e e2a65adbb8 libzpool implementation of thread_create should enforce length is 0 Applied
6872 f83b46baf9 935550f1bb zfs libraries should not allow uninitialized variables Applied
6875 232f5a2e6e ! fix zfs-tests ACL cases
comment: WIP to support NFSv4 ACLs
6765 da412744bc ! zfs_zaccess_delete() comments do not accurately reflect delete permissions for ACLs
comment: WIP to support NFSv4 ACLs
6764 de0f1ddb59 ! zfs issues with inheritance flags during chmod(2) with aclmode=passthrough
comment: WIP to support NFSv4 ACLs
6763 851632d6a8 ! aclinherit=restricted masks inherited permissions by group perms (groupmask)
comment: WIP to support NFSv4 ACLs
6762 1eb4e906ec ! POSIX write should imply DELETE_CHILD on directories - and some additional considerations
comment: WIP to support NFSv4 ACLs
6736 215198a6ad e0ab3ab553 ZFS per-vdev ZAPs Applied
6322 cb92f4130c 755065f3dc ZFS indirect block predictive prefetch Applied
6580 9498083eea 8b2174b9a4 zfs-tests use undefined variable WRAPPER Applied
6754 01ff411937 8db2dc32cd zfs-tests: get_substr() function is redundant Applied
6418 6401734d54 131cc95 zpool should have a label clearing command Applied
6842 02525cd08f 32c8c946ea Fix empty xattr dir causing lockup Applied
6843 399cc7d5d9 f5f087e Make xattr dir truncate and remove in one tx Applied
6841 445e67805d 4254acb Undirty freed spill blocks Applied
6738 c20404ff77 f8866f8ae3 zfs send stream padding needs documentation Applied
6739 41c6413cb5 206971d234 userland version of cv_timedwait_hires() always assumes absolute time Applied
6781 e4cb59f791 15313c5 zpool man page needs updated to remove duplicate entry of "cannot be" where it discusses cache devices Applied
4242 54207fd2e1 - file rename event fires before the rename happens
comment: Neither vnodes or their associated events exist under Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
6681 d09e4475f6 887d1e60ef zfs list burning lots of time in dodefault() via dsl_prop_* Applied
6370 286ef71398 c352ec27d5 ZFS send fails to transmit some holes Applied
2976 5c5f137104 1afc54f7f4 remove useless offsetof() macros Applied
6672 a8f6344fa0 ae6d0c601e arc_reclaim_thread() should use gethrtime() instead of ddi_get_lbolt() 6673 want a macro to convert seconds to nanoseconds and vice-versa Applied
2897 879bece34e fb82700 "zpool split" documentation missing from manpage Applied
4465 c8323d4323 cda0317 zpool(1M) is able to offline cache vdevs despite what man page says 5659 in the manual page for zpool(1M), one misuse of the word 'zpool' to describe a pool Applied
6659 aab83bb83b 8a5fc74880 nvlist_free(NULL) is a no-op Applied
6575 633aa80791 6bb24f4 grow_replicas_001_pos fails intermittently Applied
6578 327848f9b5 6bb24f4 cifs_attr_002_pos fails to cleanup after itself Applied
6577 964a6bd0f9 6bb24f4 zfs_copies_004_neg fails trying to expand wildcard characters Applied
6468 ee0ab62f26 6bb24f4 remove iscsi-related cruft from zfs-tests Applied
6642 412db4e993 717afc1326 testrunner output can be displayed in the wrong order 6643 zfstest should enforce the required privileges before running. Applied
4521 8808ac5dae d21d5b8248 zfstest is trying to execute evil "zfs unmount -a" Applied
6648 7f11fd00fc 6bb24f4 illumos build should be explicit about C standards Applied
6603 0803e914d3 0bc63d83f6 zfeature_register() should verify ZFEATURE_FLAG_PER_DATASET implies SPA_FEATURE_EXTENSIBLE_DATASET Applied
6586 22b6687e78 832805d951 Whitespace inconsistencies in the spa feature dependency arrays in zfeature_common.c Applied
6585 892586e8a1 125a406e24 sha512, skein, and edonr have an unenforced dependency on extensible dataset Applied
6541 971640e6aa 4a2e9a17d5 Pool feature-flag check defeated if "verify" is included in the dedup property value Applied
6550 c16bcc4577 648a09adc2 cmd/zfs: cleanup gcc warnings Applied
6551 b327cd3f3b 8e89657956 cmd/zpool: cleanup gcc warnings Applied
6637 d189620258 5727b00e06 replacing "dontclose" with "should_close" Applied
6562 5f7a8e6d75 8c62a0d0f3 Refquota on receive doesn't account for overage Applied
6528 d7e7cb9c20 6bb24f4 need casesensitivity/normalization test cases for zfs-tests Applied
5027 c3d26abc9e f1512ee61e zfs large block support (add copyright) Applied
6568 751609474e 6bb24f4 zfs_allow_010_pos and zfs_allow_012_neg fail intermittently Applied
6536 880094b606 b607405fea zfs send: want a way to disable setting of DRR_FLAG_FREERECORDS Applied
4448 b211eb9181 007595564e zfs diff misprints unicode characters Applied
6465 c2b09db8b5 6bb24f4 zfs-tests/tests/functional/cli_root/zpool_upgrade/zpool_upgrade_007_pos is broken Applied
6450 38d6103674 b77222c873 scrub/resilver unnecessarily traverses snapshots created after the scrub started Applied
6537 8c04a1fa3f 7c9abfa7ab Panic on zpool scrub with DEBUG kernel Applied
6531 97e8130957 26ef0cc7db Provide mechanism to artificially limit disk performance Applied
6544 cb605c4d8a f7c63cda90 incorrect comment in libzfs.h about offline status Applied
6529 e7e978b1f7 76fe529b39 Properly handle updates of variably-sized SA entries. Applied
6527 2bd7a8d078 4b9ed698b4 Possible access beyond end of string in zpool comment Applied
6495 2bad22584d e56766360b Fix mutex leak in dmu_objset_find_dp Applied
6494 f693d300fb - ASSERT supported zio_types for file and disk vdevs
comment: The `vdev_disk.c` and `vdev_file.c` files have been reworked extensively for Linux. The proposed changes are not needed.
Not applicable to Linux
4986 5878fad70d 671c93546c receiving replication stream fails if any snapshot exceeds refquota Applied
6358 b289d045e0 fe467e06fd A faulted pool with only unavailable vdevs triggers assertion failure in libzfs Applied
6459 c4567a6161 ec441a9c53 cstyle doesn't detect opening braces on the same line as function header Applied
6447 759e89be35 de327eccbb handful of nvpair cleanups Applied
6393 68ecb2ec93 e6d3a843d6 zfs receive a full send as a clone Applied
6451 f9eb9fdf19 91d888437f ztest fails due to checksum errors Applied
5778 bf4d553b8a ecaebdbcf6 nvpair_type_is_array() does not recognize DATA_TYPE_INT8_ARRAY Applied
6051 620f322510 fd41e93563 lzc_receive: allow the caller to read the begin record Applied
6434 3502ed6e7c 472e7c6 sa_find_sizes() may compute wrong SA header size Applied
6346 1058dba45e 058ac9b zfs(1M) has spurious comma Applied
6414 eb5bb58421 b6fcb792ca vdev_config_sync could be simpler Applied
6391 ae24175b2b ee06391 Override default SPA config location via environment Applied
6421 57deb23282 ca0bf58 Add missing multilist_destroy calls to arc_fini Applied
6388 c71c00bbe8 0de7c55 Failure of userland copy should return EFAULT Applied
6368 7c5a457e2a 2024041 Remove superfluous statement Applied
6386 5bdd995ddb 485c581 Fix function call with uninitialized value in vdev_inuse Applied
6334 6575bca013 1a04bab Cannot unlink files when over quota Applied
6390 1df447eb94 85802aa Free props in ztest_init() Applied
6385 eaef6a96de f3ad9cd Fix unlocking order in zfs_zget Applied
6369 4eab410fb6 6bb24f4 remove SVM tests from ZFS test suite Applied
6292 a443cc80c7 2e8efe1bef exporting a pool while an async destroy is running can leave entries in the deferred tree Applied
6319 b39b744be7 5511754b4f assertion failed in zio_ddt_write: bp->blk_birth == txg Applied
6367 e495b6e673 adfe9d932b spa_config_tryenter incorrectly handles the multiple-lock case Applied
5984 780828c8aa 480f626 zfs clone should not mount the clone if canmount == noauto Applied
6328 9a686fbc18 e9aa730c49 Fix cstyle errors in zfs codebase Applied
6298 e9316f7696 82f6f6e654 zfs_create_008_neg and zpool_create_023_neg need to be updated for large block support Applied
6267 d2058105c6 bc4501f75a dn_bonus evicted too early Applied
6295 daec38ecb4 5f3d9c69d1 metaslab_condense's dbgmsg should include vdev id Applied
6293 8fe00bfb87 ab5cbbd107 ztest failure: error == 28 (0xc == 0x1c) in ztest_tx_assign() Applied
2605 9c3fd1216f 47dfff3b86 want to resume interrupted zfs send Applied
6268 aab04418a7 616a57bea8 zfs diff confused by moving a file to another directory Applied
6290 3f84190c28 017da6 zdb -h overflows stack Applied
6286 6de9bb5603 4b2a3e0c9d ZFS internal error when set large block on bootfs Applied
6288 0f2e7d03b8 5a28a9737a dmu_buf_will_dirty could be faster Applied
6281 632802744e a6fb32b85a prefetching should apply to 1MB reads Applied
5219 d7d9a6d919 ef56b07 l2arc_write_buffers() may write beyond target_sz Applied
6280 d1672efb6f 7ea4f88f8f libzfs: unshare_one() could fail with EZFS_SHARENFSFAILED Applied
6249 db2417522b 6bb24f4 async_destroy_001_pos fails because it doesn't see 'freeing' prop populated Applied
6248 999dc7aa56 6bb24f4 zpool_create_008_pos and zpool_create_009_neg can fail intermittently Applied
4185 785f201750 3c67d83a8a add new cryptographic checksums to ZFS: SHA-512, Skein, Edon-R (fix multi-proto) Applied
6251 139510fb6e ba5ad9a48d add tunable to disable free_bpobj processing Applied
6250 b10bba7246 - zvol_dump_init() can hold txg open
comment: Linux handles crash dumps in a fundamentally different way than Illumos. The proposed changes are not needed.
Not applicable to Linux
4185 0c3cd038db 3c67d83a8a add new cryptographic checksums to ZFS: SHA-512, Skein, Edon-R (NULL is not an int) Applied
6171 03bad06fbb 0eb21616fa dsl_prop_unregister() slows down dataset eviction. Applied
4185 45818ee124 3c67d83a8a add new cryptographic checksums to ZFS: SHA-512, Skein, Edon-R Applied
6209 0d045c0d0c - libc mutexes break kernel writers hearts
comment: The Linux user space mutex implementation is based on phtread primitives.
Not applicable to Linux
6220 c546f36aa8 - memleak in l2arc on debug build
comment: The b_thawed debug code was unused under Linux and removed.
Not applicable to Linux
6214 d4cd038c92 4e0f33ffe0 zpools going south Applied
5987 cf6106c8a0 7f60329a26 zfs prefetch code needs work Applied
5997 1437283407 fb390aafc8 FRU field not set during pool creation and never updated Applied
6095 94385aa447 f866a4ea usr/src/tools/scripts/ errors with perl 5.22 Applied
6091 faa2b6be2f c11f100 avl_add doesn't assert on non-debug builds Applied
6096 8f5190a540 a4d179efa9 ZFS_SMB_ACL_RENAME needs to cleanup better Applied
6093 0f92170f1e 8adb798aa5 zfsctl_shares_lookup should only VN_RELE() on zfs_zget() success Applied
5959 ca0cc3918a 241b541574 clean up per-dataset feature count code Applied
5960 a2cdcdd260 fcff0f35bd zfs recv should prefetch indirect blocks 5925 zfs receive -o origin= Applied
6033 31c46cf23c a7b10a9319 arc_adjust() should search MFU lists for oldest buffer when adjusting MFU size Applied
5981 1d3f896f54 5e8cd5d17f Deadlock in dmu_objset_find_dp Applied
5997 2750f8d5ec fb390aafc8 FRU field not set during pool creation and never updated Applied
5911 46e1baa6cf 4bda3bd0e7 ZFS "hangs" while deleting file Applied
5409 b3cff10cdd b23d543 Remove shareiscsi description and example from zfs(1M) 5988 zfs(1M) diff is excessively indented Applied
5966 fa517adbe8 6bb24f4 zfs-tests/tests/functional/acl/nontrivial/zfs_acl_chmod_rwx_002_pos incorrectly uses typeset builtin 5967 Invalid multiline string in zfs-tests/tests/functional/cli_root/zpool_create/zpool_create_features_004_neg Applied
1778 bd0f709169 ee42b3d6c3 Assertion failed: rn->rn_nozpool == B_FALSE, file ../common/libzfs_import.c, line 1077, function zpool_open_func Applied
5946 24218bebb4 71e2fe41be zfs_ioc_space_snaps must check that firstsnap and lastsnap refer to snapshots 5945 zfs_ioc_send_space must ensure that fromsnap refers to a snapshot Applied
5909 cb5842f8b0 fec417097b ensure that shared snap names don't become too long after promotion Applied
5870 beddaa9ce7 b6640117f0 dmu_recv_end_check() leaks origin_head hold if error happens in drc_force branch Applied
5912 5bae108fe2 cf50a2b08f full stream can not be force-received into a dataset if it has a snapshot Applied
5961 c701fde691 22872ff Fix stack overflow in zfs_create_fs Applied
5669 c423721f9b 3ac2794cbf altroot not set in zpool create when specified with -o Applied
5438 5897eb49cc ee3a23b84e zfs_blkptr_verify should continue after zfs_panic_recover Applied
5515 752fd8dabc fc581e0507 dataset user hold doesn't reject empty tags Applied
5818 81cd5c555f c3520e7f1f zfs {ref}compressratio is incorrect with 4k sector size Applied
5815 fae6347731 - libzpool's panic function doesn't set global panicstr, ::status not as useful
comment: This patch could be adapted if needed use equivalent Linux functionality.
Not applicable to Linux
5269 12380e1e70 9c43027b3f zpool import slow Applied
5814 b67dde11a7 50f9ea0149 bpobj_iterate_impl(): Close a refcount leak iterating on a sublist. Applied
5812 8df173054c 8dd86a10cf assertion failed in zrl_tryenter(): zr_owner==NULL Applied
5810 732885fca0 252e1a54ab zdb should print details of bpobj Applied
5809 f40b29ce2a 6b42ea8590 Blowaway full receive in v1 pool causes kernel panic Applied
5808 23367a2f2c 36c6ffb6b6 spa_check_logs is not necessary on readonly pools Applied
5767 52244c0958 8e4c5c9a94 fix several problems with zfs test suite Applied
5847 8430278980 7fec46b9d8 libzfs_diff should check zfs_prop_get() return Applied
5701 a52fc310ba 84045c2ddf zpool list reports incorrect "alloc" value for cache devices Applied
5610 03b1c2971d 1cddb8c9ff zfs clone from different source and target pools produces coredump Applied
5393 e1f3c208ab 19b3b1d2a2 spurious failures from dsl_dataset_hold_obj() Applied
5813 6fdcb3d1c2 98cb3a7655 zfs_setprop_error(): Handle errno value E2BIG. Applied
5817 2fd872a734 36da08ef9b change type of arcs_size from uint64_t to refcount_t Applied
5820 34e8acef00 f3c517d814 verify failed in zio_done(): BP_EQUAL(bp, io_bp_orig) Applied
5746 98110f08fa 37f8a8835a more checksumming in zfs send Applied
5745 30925561c2 23de906c72 zfs set allows only one dataset property to be set at a time Applied
5765 643da460c8 5dc8b7365f add support for estimating send stream size with lzc_send_space when source is a bookmark Applied
5764 dc5f28a3c3 93f6d7e2e5 "zfs send -nv" directs output to stderr Applied
5766 be3e2ab906 4dd1893 Avoid 128K kmem allocations in mzap_upgrade() Applied
5768 20a95fb2c4 - zfsctl_snapshot_inactive() can leak a vnode hold
comment: The change isn't relevant, `zfs_ctldir.c` was rewritten for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
5769 8c76e0763b dd26aa5 Cast 'zfs bad bloc' to ULL for x86 Applied
5692 2bcf0248e9 ! expose the number of hole blocks in a file
comment: This functionality should be ported in such a way that it can be integrated with `filefrag(8)`.
5770 a45f1c3c5e c3275b5 Add load_nvlist() error handling Applied
5704 bde3d612a7 449705dbef libzfs can only handle 255 file descriptors Applied
5694 34d7ce052c b738bc5a0f traverse_prefetcher does not prefetch enough Applied
5695 70163ac57e a4069eef2e dmu_sync'ed holes do not retain birth time Applied
5693 7f7ace3700 0f7d2a4 ztest fails in dbuf_verify: buf[i] == 0, due to dedup and bp_override Applied
5661 db1741f555 99197f034e ZFS: "compression = on" should use lz4 if feature is enabled Applied
5684 c029eafbb0 6bb24f4 ZFS bootfs tests need some work Applied
5630 cd485b4920 4c7b7eedcd stale bonus buffer in recycled dnode_t leads to data corruption Applied
5561 1a902ef862 986dd8aacc support root pools on EFI/GPT partitioned disks 5125 update zpool/libzfs to manage bootable whole disk pools (EFI/GPT labeled disks) Applied
5592 9d47dec048 6186e29753 NULL pointer dereference in dsl_prop_notify_all_cb() Applied
5531 e57a022b8f 6ebebaceb1 NULL pointer dereference in dsl_prop_get_ds() Applied
5562 0fda3cc5c1 63b33e878a ZFS sa_handle's violate kmem invariants, debug kernels panic on boot Applied
5518 078266a5aa 0fdd8d6482 Memory leaks in libzfs import implementation Applied
5497 244781f10d ca0bf58d65 lock contention on arcs_mtx Applied
5313 fe319232d2 ec8501e Allow I/Os to be aggregated across ZIO priority classes Applied
5410 5ff8cfa92e 0bf8501 Document -S option to zfs inherit 5412 Mention -S option when zfs inherit fails on quota Applied
5056 bc9014e6a8 0c66c32d1d ZFS deadlock on db_mtx and dn_holds Applied
5445 4076b1bf41 500445c046 Add more visibility via arcstats; specifically arc_state_t stats and differentiate between "data" and "metadata" Applied
5408 89c86e3229 b9541d6b7d managing ZFS cache devices requires lots of RAM Applied
5376 2ec99e3e98 ca67b33aba arc_kmem_reap_now() should not result in clearing arc_no_grow Applied
5422 a846f19d27 7224c67fea preserve AVL invariants in dn_dbufs Applied
5427 b7070b7dbc 15cfbb38fd memory leak in libzfs when doing rollback Applied
5369 7adb730b58 2a4324141f arc flags should be an enum 5370 consistent arc_buf_hdr_t naming scheme Applied
5314 c137962540 d683ddbb72 Remove "dbuf phys" db->db_data pointer aliases in ZFS Applied
5347 231aab857f 905edb405d idle pool may run itself out of space Applied
5368 3a5286a1cf c52fca13a0 ARC should cache more metadata Applied
5349 f63ab3d5a8 63e3a8616b verify that block pointer is plausible before reading Applied
4181 5619b3f847 44f09cd zfs(1m): 'zfs allow' examples in the man page are outdated Applied
5351 6f6a76adac 10400bfeac scrub goes for an extra second each txg 5352 scrub should pause when there is some dirty data Applied
5348 373dc1cf9a 7a3066ffdd zio_checksum_error() only fills in info if ECKSUM Applied
5350 e651831842 08dc1b2ddd clean up code in dnode_sync() Applied
5310 d808a4fc6a 945dd93525 Remove always true tests for non-NULL ds->ds_phys Applied
5311 2a89c2c59b 33b4de513e traverse_dnode may report success when it should not Applied
5312 587644a856 ! libzfs should be decoupled from kernel's zfs_context.h
comment: This change should be made but the ideal time to do it is when the spl repository is folded in to the zfs repository (planned for 0.8). At this time we'll want to cleanup many of the includes.
5213 1e9bd7ec42 fb42a49328 panic in metaslab_init due to space_map_open returning ENXIO Applied
5179 fbefb14f62 3f4058c Remove unused ZFS ARC functions Applied
5316 1ed6b69a5c - allow smbadm join to use RPC
comment: The illumos idmap facility isn't available under Linux. This patch could still be applied to minimize code delta or all HAVE_IDMAP chunks could be removed on Linux for better readability.
Not applicable to Linux
5255 de710d24d2 f1512ee61e uts shouldn't open-code ISP2 Applied
5027 b515258426 f1512ee61e zfs large block support Applied
5244 738f37bc3d 98b254188a zio pipeline callers should explicitly invoke next stage Applied
5243 f7950bf114 e5fd1dd682 zdb -b could be much faster Applied
3693 e77d42eaa4 6c59307a3c restore_object uses at least two transactions to restore an object Applied
5175 f8554bb92b 804e050457 implement dmu_read_uio_dbuf() to improve cached read performance Applied
5169 06be98028b 0ec072487b zdb should limit its ARC size 5170 zdb -c should create more scrub i/os by default 5171 zdb should print status while loading metaslabs for leak detection Applied
5162 8a9047098a 88904bb3e3 zfs recv should use loaned arc buffer to avoid copy Applied
5178 90c76c66a2 acf58e706c zdb -vvvvv on old-format pool fails in dump_deadlist() Applied
5176 6f834bc197 e022864d19 lock contention on godfather zio Applied
5177 5f37736ac8 ebcf49365a remove dead code from dsl_scan.c Applied
5150 42fcb65ea4 4b20a6f509 zfs clone of a defer_destroy snapshot causes strangeness Applied
5174 f6164ad638 64dbba3679 add sdt probe for blocked read in dbuf_read() Applied
5149 893c83ba3e - zvols need a way to ignore DKIOCFREE
comment: Equivalent Linux functionality is provided by the `zvol_max_discard_blocks` module option.
Not applicable to Linux
5148 574e2414ac - zvol's DKIOCFREE holds zfsdev_state_lock too long
comment: Discards are handled differently under Linux, there is no DKIOCFREE ioctl.
Not applicable to Linux
5161 bf3e216c7e b8bcca18f7 add tunable for number of metaslabs per vdev Applied
5163 83803b51e1 669dedb33f arc should reap range_seg_cache Applied
5164 b1be2892dd 9635861742 space_map_max_blksz causes panic, does not work 5165 zdb fails assertion when run on pool with recently-enabled spacemap_histogram feature Applied
5147 7a09f97bc0 a05dfd0028 zpool list -v should show individual disk capacity Applied
5139 0fbc0cd0e5 d97aa48f7c SEEK_HOLE failed to report a hole at end of file Applied
5140 22438533bc 6d9036f350 message about "%recv could not be opened" is printed when booting after crash Applied
5134 7fa49ea5e7 308a451f7f if ZFS_DEBUG or debug= is set, libzpool should enable debug prints Applied
5138 af3465da8f 36283ca233 add tunable for maximum number of blocks freed in one txg Applied
5136 d85a1e969c e8b96c6 fix write throttle comment in dsl_pool.c Applied
5135 b18d6b0e20 ab2894e66f zpool_find_import_cached() can use fnvlist_* Applied
5141 e94f268a62 d25b4497b7 zfs minimum indirect block size is 4K Applied
5118 75fbdf9b9f de0a9d7630 When verifying or creating a storage pool, error messages only show one device Applied
5116 3339867a86 1f6f97f304 zpool history -i goes into infinite loop Applied
5117 e503a68596 4f68d7878f space map reallocation can cause corruption Applied
5095 86bb58aec7 9925c28cde panic when adding a duplicate dbuf to dn_dbufs Applied
5047 640c1670a1 73ad4a9f3c don't use atomic_*_nv if you discard the return value Applied
5045 1a5e258f54 bc89ac8479 use atomic_{inc,dec}_* instead of atomic_add_* Applied
5049 2986efa809 f38dfec3fd panic when removing log device Applied
5038 7f18da4c54 5aea3644d6 Remove "old-style" flexible array usage in ZFS. Applied
5039 539eed8a40 4d6369c167 ztest should default to larger device sizes Applied
5034 63e911b6fc 49ddb31506 ARC's buf_hash_table is too small Applied
4873 0f6d88aded 8951cb8dfb zvol unmap calls can take a very long time for larger datasets Applied
4976 2e4c998613 f3a7f6610f zfs should only avoid writing to a failing non-redundant top-level vdev 4977 mdb error in ::spa_space from space_cb() if a metaslab's ms_sm is NULL 4978 ztest fails in get_metaslab_refcount() 4979 extend free space histogram to device and pool 4980 metaslabs should have a fragmentation metric 4981 remove fragmented ops vector from block allocator 4982 space_map object should proactively upgrade when feature is enabled 4983 need to collect metaslab information via mdb 4984 device selection should use fragmentation metric Applied
5008 c9030f6c93 e16b3fcc61 lock contention (rrw_exit) while running a read only load Applied
4753 73527f441c acbad6ff67 increase number of outstanding async writes when sync task is waiting Applied
4631 bbfa8ea8bb bd089c5477 zvol_get_stats triggering too many reads Applied
4958 2a104a5236 b02fe35d37 zdb trips assert on pools with ashift >= 0xe Applied
4970 e42d205944 dea377c0d9 need controls on i/o issued by zpool import -XF 4971 zpool import -T should accept hex values 4972 zpool import -T implies extreme rewind, and thus a scrub 4973 spa_load_retry retries the same txg 4974 spa_load_verify() reads all data twice Applied
4975 d2b3cbbd7f 58c4aa00c6 missing mutex_destroy() calls in zfs Applied
4951 c39f2c8cac 0c60cc326b ZFS administrative commands should use reserved space, not fail with ENOSPC (fix call) Applied
4951 7d46dc6ca6 0c60cc326b ZFS administrative commands should use reserved space, not fail with ENOSPC Applied
4966 cd67d23d32 3e43edd2c5 zpool list iterator does not update output Applied
4953 33cde0d0c2 e3e670d006 zfs rename need not involve libshare 4954 "zfs create" need not involve libshare if we are not sharing 4955 libshare's get_zfs_dataset need not sort the datasets Applied
4950 4bb7380495 19d55079ae files sometimes can't be removed from a full filesystem Applied
4929 b461c7460e 1715493f38 want prevsnap property Applied
4924 b8289d24d8 62bdd5eb7a LZ4 Compression for metadata Applied
4936 58d0718061 ee4712284c lz4 could theoretically overflow a pointer with a certain input Applied
4914 7802d7bf98 5dbd68a352 zfs on-disk bookmark structure should be named *_phys_t Applied
4756 30beaff42d 080b310015 metaslab_group_preload() could deadlock Applied
4897 3038a2b421 3bec585e6c Space accounting mismatch in L2ARC/zpool Applied
4891 df15e419cb 9867e8be2a want zdb option to dump all metadata Applied
4881 06315b795c 1fa8f795d5 zfs send performance degradation when embedded block pointers are encountered Applied
4390 7fd05ac4de fbeddd60b7 i/o errors when deleting filesystem/zvol can lead to space map corruption Applied
4757 5d7b4d438c 9b67f60560 ZFS embedded-data block pointers ("zero block compression") 4913 zfs release should not be subject to space checks Applied
4901 adf340778b a0c9a17aef zfs filesystem/snapshot limit leaks Applied
3897 fb7001f1cd ca227e54a8 zfs filesystem and snapshot limits (fix leak) Applied
3835 edf345e6b8 faf0f58c69 zfs need not store 2 copies of all metadata Applied
4730 be082110c0 3c51c5cb1f metaslab group taskq should be destroyed in metaslab_group_destroy() Applied
4698 9c720e3bfb 4fcc437 fix builds by gcc44 on sparc Applied
4745 6907ca4bc7 411bf20 fix AVL code misspellings Applied
3897 a2afb611b3 ca227e54a8 zfs filesystem and snapshot limits Applied
4754 b6240e830b 672692c7b7 io issued to near-full luns even after setting noalloc threshold 4755 mg_alloc_failures is no longer needed Applied
4752 1b497ab83e aa9af22 fan out read zio taskqs Applied
4374 bf16b11e8d 9bd274ddd8 dn_free_ranges should use range_tree_t Applied
3993 c58b352673 2a8b84b747 zpool(1M) and zfs(1M) should support -p for "list" and "get" 4700 "zpool get" doesn't support -H or -o options Applied
4573 7dbbcd8300 10b7549 ZFS snapshot alias Applied
4571 b55998b6d6 6e1b9d0 Add documentation for -T and interval to "zpool list" Applied
4570 e902ed8e4d b1d13a6 Document dedupditto pool property 4572 Dedup-related documentation additions for zpool and zdb. 1371 Add -D option description to zpool(1M) manpage Applied
3947 409f1c06a8 7f9d994 zpool(1M) references nonexistent zfs-features(5) 4540 zpool(1M) man page doesn't describe "readonly" property 3948 zfs sync=default is not accepted 4611 zfs(1M) still mentions 'send -r' in synopsis 4415 zpool(1M) man page missing "import -m" description Applied
4638 2144b121c0 f3c9dca093 Panic in ZFS via rfs3_setattr()/rfs3_write(): dirtying snapshot! Applied
4620 cf988fac1d 6bb24f4 Add OmniOS as a runnable usr/src/test distro Applied
4626 fb13f48f1d 02f8fe4260 libzfs memleak in zpool_in_use() Applied
4574 03d1795fa6 36f92e93e5 get_clones_stat does not call zap_count in non-debug kernel Applied
4504 48f1b90e64 8b4646494c traverse_visitbp: visit DMU_GROUPUSED_OBJECT before DMU_USERUSED_OBJECT Applied
3995 71cb1b742c 1ca546b338 Memory leak of compressed buffers in l2arc_write_done Applied
4391 8b36997aa2 78e2739 panic system rather than corrupting pool if we hit bug 4390 Applied
4369 78f1710053 da536844d5 implement zfs bookmarks 4368 zfs send filesystems from readonly pools Applied
4121 973c78e94b dda12da9f1 vdev_label_init should treat request as succeeded when pool is read only Applied
4206 f38cb554a5 2820bc4 history_003_pos relies on exact size of history log and entries 4207 history_008_pos depends on obsolete internal history log message 4208 Typo in zfs_main.c: "posxiuser" 4209 Populate zfstest with the remainder of the STF tests Applied
4370 43466aae47 b0bc7a84d9 avoid transmitting holes during zfs send 4371 DMU code clean up Applied
4373 994fb6b8a9 cfec5b17b3 add block contents print to zstreamdump Applied
4188 bb411a08b0 2e7b765 assertion failed in dmu_tx_hold_free(): dn_datablkshift != 0 Applied
3580 a0b60564df - Want zvols to return volblocksize when queried for physical block size
comment: Linux provides generic ioctl handlers get/set block device information.
Not applicable to Linux
4347 e722410c49 384f8a09f8 ZPL can use dmu_tx_assign(TXG_WAIT) Applied
4322 c50d56f667 e5bacf2109 ZFS deadlock on dp_config_rwlock Applied
4128 39cddb10a3 ! disks in zpools never go away when pulled
comment: The ldi_ev_register_callbacks() interface doesn't exist under Linux. It may be possible to receive similar notifications via the scsi error handlers or possibly a different interface.
2583 43d68d68c1 54d5378fae Add -p (parsable) option to zfs list Applied
3928 72102e7461 - `tail -f ...` doesn't notice file truncation 3929 `man tail` doesn't mentioned "-F" option 3930 'tail -F ...' not resetting the offset of file rotation properly 3968 want FILE_TRUNC event for PORT_SOURCE_FILE
comment: Neither vnodes or their associated events exist under Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
4161 b3d32f0ceb - deadlock between zfs_read() and zfs_putpage()
comment: The Linux user space reader/writer implementation is based on phtread primitives.
Not applicable to Linux
4263 d33341fb88 6bb24f4 system/test/zfstest should depend on system/xopen/xcu4 4264 New features should be added to zpool_get.cfg 4276 zfstest should use less common user account than "admin" for ACL tests Applied
4089 57815f6b95 0ed212dc0e NULL pointer dereference in arc_read() Applied
4088 ccc22e1304 47fe91b54c use after free in arc_release() Applied
3964 e4be62a2b7 4e59f47511 L2ARC should always compress metadata buffers Applied
4171 2acef22db7 fa86b5dbb6 clean up spa_feature_*() interfaces 4172 implement extensible_dataset feature for use by other zpool features Applied
4168 7fdd916c47 2fbc542ebd ztest assertion failure in dbuf_undirty 4169 verbatim import causes zdb to segfault 4170 zhack leaves pool in ACTIVE state Applied
4101 0713e232b7 93cf20764a metaslab_debug should allow for fine-grained control 4102 space_maps should store more information about themselves 4103 space map object blocksize should be increased 4104 ::spa_space no longer works 4105 removing a mirrored log device results in a leaked object 4106 asynchronously load metaslab Applied
1974 cf746768a8 - pages_pp_maximum/lotsfree discrepancy leads to mlock() failure
comment: This change was entirely replaced in the ARC restructuring.
Not applicable to Linux
4072 b6805bf78d - make clobber leaves trash
comment: None of the illumos build system is used under Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
4082 5253393b09 92bc214c2e zfs receive gets EFBIG from dmu_tx_hold_free() Applied
3954 22e30981d8 ac72fac3ea metaslabs continue to load even after hitting zfs_mg_alloc_failure limit 4080 zpool clear fails to clear pool 4081 need zfs_mg_noalloc_threshold Applied
4045 69962b5647 e8b96c6007 zfs write throttle & i/o scheduler performance work Applied
1765 9edf9ebd72 eaa52d32b0 assert triggered in libzfs_import.c trying to import pool name beginning with a number Applied
2932 810e43b2eb 42db43e982 support crash dumps to raidz, etc. pools Applied
4046 b62969f868 a169a625a6 dsl_dataset_t ds_dir->dd_lock is highly contended Applied
4061 2fbdf8dbf0 8ce0af07bb libzfs: memory leak in iter_dependents_cb() Applied
4047 713d6c2088 b663a23d36 panic from dbuf_free_range() from dmu_free_object() while doing zfs receive Applied
3996 a7027df17f 46ba1e59d3 want a libzfs_core API to rollback to latest snapshot Applied
4039 18e649782f 812e91a7e3 zfs_rename()/zfs_link() needs stronger test for XDEV Applied
3956 b4952e17e8 5d1f7fb647 ::vdev -r should work with pipelines 3957 ztest should update the cachefile before killing itself 3958 multiple scans can lead to partial resilvering 3959 ddt entries are not always resilvered 3960 dsl_scan can skip over dedup-ed blocks if physical birth != logical birth 3961 freed gang blocks are not resilvered and can cause pool to suspend 3962 ztest should print out zfs debug buffer before exiting Applied
3955 be9000cc67 383fc4a997 ztest failure: assertion refcount_count(&tx->tx_space_written) + delta <= tx->tx_space_towrite Applied
3949 2c1e2b4414 621dd7bb2c ztest fault injection should avoid resilvering devices 3950 ztest: deadman fires when we're doing a scan 3951 ztest hang when running dedup test 3952 ztest: ztest_reguid test and ztest_fault_inject don't place nice together Applied
3973 a0c1127b14 9554185d90 zfs_ioc_rename alters passed in zc->zc_name Applied
348 a5b577712a - ZFS should handle DKIOCGMEDIAINFOEXT failure
comment: The Linux implementation of `vdev_disk.c` must have this differently.
Not applicable to Linux
3909 36f7455d36 6389d42205 "zfs send -D" does not work Applied
3834 2f3d878000 ea97f8ce35 incremental replication of 'holey' file systems is slow Applied
3888 34f2f8cf94 1958067629 zfs recv -F should destroy any snapshots created since the incremental source Applied
3894 ca48f36f20 96c2e96193 zfs should not allow snapshot of inconsistent dataset Applied
3875 91948b51b8 831baf06ef panic in zfs_root() after failed rollback Applied
3836 9cb154a3c9 2883cad5b7 zio_free() can be processed immediately in the common case Applied
3829 bb6e70758d 1a077756e8 fix for 3740 changed behavior of zfs destroy/hold/release ioctl Applied
3818 7f2416ef64 34ffbed88c zpool status -x should report pools with removed l2arc devices Applied
3740 a7a845e4bf 95fd54a1c5 Poor ZFS send / receive performance due to snapshot hold / release processing Applied
3749 3cb69f734b e6cfd633be zfs event processing should work on R/O root filesystems Applied
3747 b3d9f2e260 090ff09 txg commit callbacks don't work Applied
3745 8b71377531 7bc7f25040 zpool create should treat -O mountpoint and -m the same 3811 zpool create -o altroot=/xyz -O mountpoint=/mnt ignores the mountpoint option Applied
3744 fc7a6e3fef d09f25dc66 zfs shouldn't ignore errors unmounting snapshots Applied
3743 b287be1ba8 3a84951d7d zfs needs a refcount audit Applied
3742 f717074149 d3cc8b152e zfs comments need cleaner, more consistent style Applied
3741 3e30c24aee e49f1e20a0 zfs needs better comments Applied
3805 6e6d5868f5 df4474f92d arc shouldn't cache freed blocks Applied
3137 aad02571bc 3a17a7a99a L2ARC compression Applied
3699 013023d4ed b1118acbb1 zfs hold or release of a non-existent snapshot does not output error 3739 cannot set zfs quota or reservation on pool version < 22 Applied
3705 d8fa96c302 - stack overflow due to zfs lz4 compression
comment: The Linux implementation uses the lz4 workspace kmem cache to resolve the stack issue.
Not applicable to Linux
3642 4a92375985 2696dfafd9 dsl_scan_active() should not issue I/O to determine if async destroying is active 3643 txg_delay should not hold the tc_lock Applied
3645 de8d9cff56 7ec09286b7 dmu_send_impl: possibilty of pool hold leak 3692 Panic on zfs receive of a recursive deduplicated stream Applied
3654 d5ee8a1311 83017311e4 zdb should print number of ganged blocks 3655 ::rrwlock and ::refcount print errors on non-debug kernels 3656 remove unused function zap_cursor_move_to_key() 3657 mdb_ctf_vread() should allow conversion of pointer to uintptr_t Applied
3639 fb02ae0252 c61f97f426 zpool.cache should skip over readonly pools 3640 want automatic devid updates Applied
3641 490d05b9da d586964141 want a histogram of compressed block sizes Applied
3618 c55e05cb35 cb682a173a ::zio dcmd does not show timestamp data Applied
3606 b3a6f80422 c5b247f zpool status -x shouldn't warn about old on-disk format Applied
3604 7706186773 074348589b zdb should print bpobjs more verbosely (fix zdb hang) Applied
3598 be6fd75a69 2e528b49f8 want to dtrace when errors are generated in zfs Applied
3517 efb4a871d8 7011fb6004 importing pool with autoreplace=on and "hole" vdevs crashes syseventd Applied
3603 d04756377d d1fada1e6d panic from bpobj_enqueue_subobj() 3604 zdb should print bpobjs more verbosely Applied
3582 0689f76c08 63fd3c6cfd zfs_delay() should support a variable resolution 3584 DTrace sdt probes for ZFS txg states Applied
3464 3b2aab1880 13fe019870 zfs synctask code needs restructuring Applied
3581 ec94d32216 7ef5e54e2e spa_zio_taskq[ZIO_TYPE_FREE][ZIO_TASKQ_ISSUE]->tq_lock is piping hot Applied
3543 62eae88769 8dca0a9 Feature flags causes assertion in spa.c to miss certain cases Applied
3588 77372cb0f3 24a64651b4 provide zfs properties for logical (uncompressed) space used and referenced Applied
3552 03f8c36688 7a61440761 condensing one space map burns 3 seconds of CPU in spa_sync() thread (fix race condition) Applied
3557 c61ea56686 59d4c71cca dumpvp_size is not updated correctly when a dump zvol's size is changed 3558 setting the volsize on a dump device does not return back ENOSPC 3559 setting a volsize larger than the space available sometimes succeeds 3560 dumpadm should be able to remove a dump device Applied
3578 9eb57f7f3f c2e42f9d53 transferring the freed map to the defer map should be constant time 3579 ztest trips assertion in metaslab_weight() Applied
3552 16a4a80742 7a61440761 condensing one space map burns 3 seconds of CPU in spa_sync() thread 3564 spa_sync() spends 5-10% of its time in metaslab_sync() (when not condensing) 3566 recursive mutex panic in specfs Applied
3561 20128a0826 23c0a1333c arc_meta_limit should be exposed via kstats 3116 zpool reguid may log negative guids to internal SPA history Applied
3537 c3a6601519 330847ff36 want pool io kstats Applied
3522 d5285cae91 a117a6d66e zfs module should not allow uninitialized variables Applied
3512 644b952899 67629d0 rounding discrepancy in sa_find_sizes() 3513 mismatch between SA header size and layout Applied
3507 9dc3941c73 43a696e Tunable to allow block allocation even on degraded vdevs Applied
3498 1b912ec710 294f68063b panic in arc_read(): !refcount_is_zero(&pbuf->b_hdr->b_refcnt) Applied
3465 28e4da2592 d21f279a94 ::walk ... | :: misinterprets input as symbol names 3466 ::tsd should handle missing/NULL values better 3467 mdb_ctf_vread() could be more useful 3468 mdb enhancements for zfs development 3470 ::whatis does not print callers from KMF_LITE 3473 mdb_get_module() returns wrong module Applied
3371 52fd7480cd 44f09cd dumpadm -z is not documented in manpage 3380 zfs man page: documentation for zfs allow is confusing Applied
3422 bda8819455 295304bed6 zpool create/syseventd race yield non-importable pool 3425 first write to a new zvol can fail with EFBIG Applied
3035 a6f561b4ae 9759c60f1a LZ4 compression support in ZFS and GRUB Applied
3444 7b1753e64a 6bb24f4 README for usr/src/test 3445 ZFS tests for restricted aclmode Applied
3447 adbbcfface 89103a2643 improve the comment in txg.c Applied
3311 d583b39bfb 6bb24f4 Want a test framework for arbitrary OS unit tests 3312 Add a testrunner package for OS unit tests 3313 Add a testrunner package to convert ZFS tests from STF Applied
3397 e690fb27a7 e6f7d01502 zdb output is too verbose 3398 zdb can't dump feature flags zap objects Applied
3254 71dbfc287c ! add support in zfs for aclmode=restricted
comment: WIP to support NFSv4 ACLs
3236 7540df39e4 03c6040bee zio nop-write (fix uninitialized variables) Applied
3236 80901aea8e 03c6040bee zio nop-write Applied
3349 25345e4666 ea0b2538cd zpool upgrade -V bumps the on disk version number, but leaves the in core version Applied
3329 01f55e48fb 55d85d5a8c spa_sync() spends 10-20% of its time in spa_free_sync_cb() 3330 space_seg_t should have its own kmem_cache 3331 deferred frees should happen after sync_pass 1 3335 make SYNC_PASS_* constants tunable Applied
3306 31d7e8fa33 5853fe790d zdb should be able to issue reads in parallel 3321 'zpool reopen' command should be documented in the man page and help message Applied
3246 283b84606b cc92e9d ZFS I/O deadman thread Applied
3301 1724dc7b89 - lapsus calami multum
comment: The Linux implementation of `vdev_disk.c` does not include this comment.
Not applicable to Linux
3258 741652b0d7 9d81146 ztest's use of file descriptors is unstable Applied
3145 9253d63df4 1eb5bfa3dc single-copy arc 3212 ztest: race condition between vdev_online() and spa_vdev_remove() Applied
3208 e828a46d29 a94addd974 moving zpool cross-endian results in incorrect user/group accounting Applied
2933 7014882c6a - compiler warning gags need better granularity
comment: None of the illumos build system is used under Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
1126 bde2df3622 e43b290 date(1)'s usage message doesn't mention -R 1788 "WARNING: Cannot lookup root device: /devices" is useless when rootfs is zfs 1828 powerd's "Able to open /dev/srn" notice is useless 2547 Minor updates to README 2678 zfs manpage mis-identifies checksum default value 2811 missing implementation: zfs send -r 3199 Update copyright years in usr/src/prototypes/ Applied
3139 1ce39b5f79 b23ad7f350 zdb dies when it tries to determine path of unlinked file Applied
3189 8f0b538d1d b077fd4c4e kernel panic in ZFS test suite during hotspare_onoffline_004_neg Applied
3064 fe7cd8aa86 af909a1089 usr/src/cmd/zpool/zpool_main.c misspells "successful" 3067 Typo in spelling "succssful" Applied
3098 70f56fa693 105afebb15 zfs userspace/groupspace fail without saying why when run as non-root Applied
3006 fb09f5aad4 c99c90015e VERIFY[S,U,P] and ASSERT[S,U,P] frequently check if first argument is zero Applied
1884 89f5d17b06 5990da81a7 Empty "used" field for zfs *space commands 3028 zfs {group,user}space -n prints (null) instead of numeric GID/UID 3048 zfs {user,group}space [-s|-S] is broken 3049 zfs {user,group}space -t doesn't really filter the results 3060 zfs {user,group}space -H output isn't tab-delimited 3061 zfs {user,group}space -o doesn't use specified fields order 3093 zfs {user,group}space's -i is noop Applied
3129 d6afdce20f 65947351e7 'zpool reopen' restarts resilvers 3130 ztest failure: Assertion failed: 0 == dmu_objset_destroy(name, B_FALSE) (0x0 == 0x10) Applied
3122 b4709335aa 96b89346c0 zfs destroy filesystem should prefetch blocks Applied
3112 cd1c8b85eb 498877baf5 ztest does not honor ZFS_DEBUG 3113 ztest should use watchpoints to protect frozen arc bufs 3114 some leaked nvlists in zfsdev_ioctl 3115 poll(2) returns prematurely in presence of spurious wakeups Applied
1862 31495a1e56 ff80d9b142 incremental zfs receive fails for sparse file > 8PB Applied
3104 f174573681 753c38392d eliminate empty bpobjs Applied
3120 f4c46b1eda d3773fda14 zinject hangs in zfsdev_ioctl() due to uninitialized zc Applied
3100 2e2c135528 04434775b7 zvol rename fails with EBUSY when dirty 3103 zfs mdb module may get wrong refcount struct Applied
3090 dfbb943217 3bc7e0fb0f vdev_reopen() during reguid causes vdev to be treated as corrupt 3102 vdev_uberblock_load() and vdev_validate() may read the wrong label Applied
3086 ce636f8b38 29809a6cba unnecessarily setting DS_FLAG_INCONSISTENT on async destroyed datasets Applied
2399 3b8be6bf4f 0677cb6f52 zfs manual page does not document use of "zfs diff" Applied
3085 347eec8e8d 9e11c7eee2 zfs diff panics, then panics in a loop on booting Applied
3006 9fa718d2f4 c99c90015e VERIFY[S,U,P] and ASSERT[S,U,P] frequently check if first argument is zero Applied
2762 57221772c3 b9b24bb4ca zpool command should have better support for feature flags Applied
1796 65fec9f6c7 e956d65106 "ZFS HOLD" should not be used when doing "ZFS SEND" from a read-only pool 2871 support for __ZFS_POOL_RESTRICT used by ZFS test suite 2903 zfs destroy -d does not work 2957 zfs destroy -R/r sometimes fails when removing defer-destroyed snapshot Applied
2882 4445fffbbb 6f1ffb0665 implement libzfs_core 2883 changing "canmount" property to "on" should not always remount dataset 2900 "zfs snapshot" should be able to create multiple, arbitrary snapshots at once Applied
2901 534029e5aa c578f007ff ZFS receive fails for exabyte sparse files Applied
2618 fc98fea58e 5c83989071 arc.c mistypes in the comments Applied
2803 f0f3ef5a19 08b1b21d58 zfs get guid pretty-prints the output Applied
2619 53089ab7c8 9ae529ec5d asynchronous destruction of ZFS file systems (missed files) Applied
2619 ad135b5d64 9ae529ec5d asynchronous destruction of ZFS file systems 2747 SPA versioning with zfs feature flags Applied
2703 4e3c9f4489 37abac6d55 add mechanism to report ZFS send progress Applied
1618 94dd93aee3 ca67b33 zfs causing system to hang in vmem_xalloc() Applied
2665 2384d9f8fc 32a9872 sd.conf should be able to override physical-block-size 2671 zpool import should not fail if vdev ashift has increased Applied
2635 6a9cb0ea17 db49968e5c 'zfs rename -f' to perform force unmount Applied
2077 33f5ff1708 cfe86c01d5 lots of unreachable breaks in illumos gate Applied
2088 90e894e2ee dd4769adc0 zdb could use a reasonable manual page Applied
2130 c08b16378b 460a021 zvol DKIOCFREE uses nested DMU transactions Applied
1936 441cac7ad5 e346ec25af add support for "-t " argument to zfs get Applied
763 654b400c38 3cee226 FMD msg URLs should refer to something visible Applied
1557 aa846ad9bc 844793c3cc assertion failed in userland taskq_destroy() Applied
2067 05c998d610 ad60af8e1b uninitialized variables in zfs(1M) may make snapshots undestroyable Applied
1951 cd0837cc94 5ffb9d1d05 leaking a vdev when removing an l2cache device 1952 memory leak when adding a file-based l2arc device 1954 leak in ZFS from metaslab_group_create and zfs_ereport_checksum Applied
1949 d7f601ef8b c7f2d69de3 crash during reguid causes stale config 1953 allow and unallow missing from zpool history since removal of pyzfs 1955 sderr kstat should expand when a LUN is expanded Applied
1909 840345f69c ebf8e3a237 disk sync write perf regression when slog is used post oi_148 Applied
1950 420dfc9585 c242c188fd ztest backwards compatibility testing option Applied
1948 4263d13f00 1bd201e70d zpool list should show more detailed pool information Applied
1946 e1d5e507a8 95bcd51ecc incorrect formatting when listing output of multiple pools with zpool iostat -v Applied
1977 c560ed2ba4 79e722432f zfs allow arguments not parsed correctly after pyzfs removal Applied
1898 eb8977cfee - Kernel assertion in zfs_putpage() raised by rfs_write()
comment: The zfs_putpage() function was rewritten to properly integrate with the Linux VM.
Not applicable to Linux
1888 6658b4ff57 bb8b81ec62 zfs(1M) should mention zfs recv -e Applied
1726 a640714e3a 684e8c0643 Removal of pyzfs broke delegation for volumes Applied
1693 8704186e37 d96eb2b153 persistent 'comment' field for a zpool Applied
1644 19b94df933 c5ee751394 add ZFS "clones" property 1645 add ZFS "written" and "written@..." properties 1646 "zfs send" should estimate size of stream 1647 "zfs destroy" should determine space reclaimed by destroying multiple snapshots 1708 adjust size of zpool history data Applied
1748 e9103aaee0 3541dc6d02 desire support for reguid in zfs Applied
1644 e5351341b5 c5ee751394 add ZFS "clones" property 1645 add ZFS "written" and "written@..." properties 1646 "zfs send" should estimate size of stream 1647 "zfs destroy" should determine space reclaimed by destroying multiple snapshots 1708 adjust size of zpool history data Applied
1661 383e7c74ff c475167627 ZFS bug in sa_find_sizes() that can lead to panic 1313 Integer overflow in txg_delay() (fix copyright) Applied
1346 1df56ada43 7d5cd71da6 zfs incremental receive may leave behind temporary clones 1356 zfs dataset prefetch code not working Applied
1313 61bb40ed88 cddafdcbc5 Integer overflow in txg_delay() Applied
1502 ed22c7109f 930b0d4c77 Remove conversion cruft from manpages Applied
1475 9dccfd2a04 22cd4a4653 zfs spill block hold can access invalid spill blkptr Applied
1337 ce72e614c1 2402458 `zpool status -D' should tell if there are no DDT entries Applied
734 5aeb94743e a38718a63d taskq_dispatch_prealloc() desired 943 zio_interrupt ends up calling taskq_dispatch with TQ_SLEEP Applied
1092 187d6ac08a f5fc4acaa7 zfs refratio property Applied
952 9d439f9073 187632dcef separate intent logs should be obvious in 'zpool iostat' output Applied
883 c9ba2a43cb 3e31d2b080 ZIL reuse during remount can lead to data corruption Applied
1051 09c9d376e8 6d974228ef zfs should handle imbalanced luns Applied
742 a3c49ce110 ! Resurrect the ZFS "aclmode" property 664 Umask masking "deny" ACL entries. 279 Bug in the new ACL (post-PSARC/2010/029) semantics
comment: WIP to support NFSv4 ACLs
175 b68a40a845 2cc6c8db12 zfs vdev cache consumes excessive memory Applied
755 ec5cf9d53a 8d35c1499d dmu_recv_stream builds incomplete guid_to_ds_map Applied
243 c10c16dec5 - system manual pages should live with the software
comment: Manual updates have been made separately for Linux.
Not applicable to Linux
764 3f2366c2bb ef3c1dea70 panic in zfs:dbuf_sync_list Applied
701 b77b9231da 460a021 UNMAP support for COMSTAR Applied
510 5ead3ed965 bb939d1085 'zfs get' enhancement - mountpoint as an argument Applied
184 c4fc6b2110 - zfs_putpage() optimization
comment: The zfs_putpage() function was rewritten to properly integrate with the Linux VM.
Not applicable to Linux
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